November 13, 2012

Character Interview: Bryn @IvyBateman #amreading

The Fifth Story.

Ivy Bateman, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let's talk about your book, The Fifth Story.
Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Buy links:
Publisher: Breathless Press
Cover artist: Victoria Miller
Length: 68,830
Heat rating: 5
Every day we encounter doors. Some of these doors are open to us and some of them are closed, but when we pass through any door, a different truth or mystery lies beyond the threshold.
The night Bryn is pulled into a world of her own stories by a shadowy being, her reality is changed forever. Souls and danger, hauntingly beautiful witches, sexy and dangerous vampires, a soldier with a dying wish; she knows that each door leads to a story and to outcomes she can't control, but in order to return home, Bryn must complete a set of tasks for the enigmatic and strangely sensual Darkness.
With four stories to enter, four items to retrieve, Bryn takes part in plot points so out of character that she almost loses herself in the tales she's written. More than once she questions her sanity and curses herself for creating such perilous realities, but she always remains focused on her goal; the creation of the fifth story.
What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
The heroine of The Fifth Story is Bryn. She's in her early twenties and is a writer. Although she does dabble in the world of story, her day job is as a technical writer.
The hero, if you can call him that, is Darkness. He's a shadowy creature who's ageless and whose occupation in The Fifth Story is to send Bryn on a quest that will make him whole again.


She walked quickly around the counter and headed to where the sign indicated where the washrooms were, but she couldn't find the women's room. Then she almost slapped herself with ridiculousness. Who cared if she went into the men's room? She marched over the door and pushed on it. Immediately she fell back. The door was stuck. She pushed on it harder, but could only open it about a foot. Something, or someone, was lying in front of the door. Bryn squeezed her head through the narrow space and looked down at the floor. Coran was lying passed out on the cold tile.
Bryn thought maybe something strange had happened in her story, and Coran was already dead. How lucky would that be? However, she realized that the story hadn't changed that drastically when Coran groaned, revealing that he was very much alive. He rolled over, away from the door.
With his weight suddenly off the door, and Bryn's weight still being pushed against it, the door went flying open. Bryn stumbled and fell into the washroom. None too gracefully, she hit the floor with a satisfying smack, and knocked her head against the tile floor with a hard clunk.
"Ow," she said, as she rolled on her back and pressed her hands against a rapidly rising goose egg on the right side of her head. "Ah" she yelped as the door closed on her foot.
"Are you okay?" asked a voice with a gentle Scottish brogue.
Bryn turned her head and opened her eyes. Coran, who looked like he'd been through a rough time, was leaning over her. His blond hair was a mess and it fell into his gray eyes. He had soot on his face and he smelled, not unpleasantly, of smoke. He gave her a little smile. "My dear, are you all right?" he asked her again.
Between the Lines
She smiled in return. She was touched by his concern. The ash on his face and the apparent absence of anyone else in the castle told her she had come into the story not long after the first time she'd entered with Darkness. Coran had every right to ignore her and he really had no time to get involved with a stranger and yet, he didn't seem to be in any rush at all. Instead, he helped Bryn sit up.
As soon as his hands touched her skin, Bryn gasped and felt her heart beat quicken. Coran looked embarrassed and quickly, on unsteady legs, he stood up and got a paper towel. He wet it with warm water and kneeled down a couple feet away from Bryn. He handed her the paper towel. "Your face, it's quite dirty."
"Oh, thanks." Bryn said, trying to avoid looking at him too much. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Why had she written Coran to have this effect on women? "It looks like I'm not the only one that's recently been in a bit of a scrap," he said with a chuckle. Bryn couldn't help beaming at him with amazement. He was just as kind as she'd written him to be. However, if she was correct, this man should be putting all chivalry aside and be searching the castle for Melusine. He should be calling upon the ancient gods to help him in battle with the sea witch, but instead, here he was, watching Bryn wash her face and being concerned about her well-being.
"Is your head very sore? Can you stand?" he asked as he gently touched the bump on her head, but quickly pulled hand back when Bryn sucked in her breath at the feel of his hand on her hair
"Yes, I mean—no, it's fine, and yes, I can stand," she stammered as she pushed herself off the floor. She again tried to avoid eye contact with him, but it wasn't helping. Coran was having a profound effect on her senses—something which she should have remembered could happen, but had completely forgotten about. In her story, Coran had a powerful effect on women and it was something he could do nothing about. Whether it was his aura or his pheromones, no one could tell, but women, upon meeting Coran, not only couldn't control themselves around him but didn't want to. Their thoughts would travel immediately down a sexual path as soon as they stood close to him and they would offer themselves to his every whim. Even the most reserved women would find their bodies pulsing immediately with desire for the tall blond stranger. Only those who knew how to, could control their passions for Coran. Katie, his assistant, was usually one of them, but sometimes, her guard would slip and she would be overcome with sexual longing for her handsome boss.
Bryn was finding her own guard was slipping rapidly and started thinking about very naughty things and wishing that she had time to explore her hidden bad girl side. Was this happening because she'd written him this way or was it because he looked so much like Tyler?


Interview with Bryn; Heroine of the Fifth Story

Tell us about yourself. What are you like?
Hey, well what is there to say really? I'm a lot like other girls my age; just trying to find my place in this world. I've got a few close friends I can count on, a job I love and—oh yes, a past that includes, insanity, loss and getting trapped in my computer for a while. Aside from that, I'd say I'm pretty average.
What do you think is your strongest point?
Through my adventure with Darkness I discovered that I'm a lot braver than I knew. That was nice to know. Well, except for being confronted with heights. I'm not sure I'll ever get over my fear of heights. Getting trapped in a dungeon filled with rats and the threat of being beheaded by an emotional queen? No problem. I found my inner brave pool, figured a way out and I was ok. However, stick me at top of a tower with only tiny stairs to crawl down? Utter...nightmare.
Do you have a weakness?
Oh, oops...I kind of already answered that above. I'm sure I have others...I'm not sure if the is a weakness, but I get all swoony and emotionally weird around vampires. Is that crazy? These guys could so easily kill me, but all I want to do is throw myself at them.
Baby You're
Cold Inside
What drives you to do the things you do? What makes you want to be the "good guy?"
Well, I like being nice and I like helping people. When Darkness traps me in my stories though, my motivation, my drive was to complete my quest and get out. Survival...and maybe a touch of guilt...were my drives.
What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
Popcorn for dinner, with LOTS of butter. A heart stopping amount of butter. Actually if there isn't butter in the bottom of bowl when I'm done, I didn't put enough on. I know, it's a really bad meal, but ever since Travis—when you live alone, it's hard to cook meals for one.
If you didn't know how old you were how old would you be?
I suppose I'd be about...this will probably sound dramatic...but about 80. I know I haven't been around a super long, but I've been a through a lot in my time here...I feel like I've lived the life of 3 people and sometimes it takes its toll and I feel spent.
A biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in six words or less?
Hmmm...let's about "How To Survive the Darkness". Yes, that will do.
What song would best describe your life?
It depends on the day. If it was during the time I was trapped in my computer, I'd have to say "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell. But most days I'd say "Hopeless Wanderer" by Mumford & Sons.
Picture yourself as a store. Considering your personality and lifestyle, what type of products would be sold there? question. Ok, again...depends on the day. If you've walked into a store called "Bryn in The Fifth Story" on the shelves you would find ancient swords, priceless paintings, old fishing nests, stones from castles, banners and armor along with an aisle of bondage gear.
The real Bryn, me, my store would be filled with comfort items: blankets, slippers, chocolate, warm sweaters and lots and lots of popcorn.
If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
I think it would say "Caution: Girl has tendency to be sucked into her computer and forced to wander worlds that should be left alone. If you're around when this happens, back away slowly or better yet, join her; perhaps an adventure is exactly what you need."

Please Fill in the Blanks as Bryn

I love pizza with bacon, bacon and more bacon.
I'm always ready for a really uncomfortable confrontation.
When I'm alone, I talk to myself...a lot.
You'd never be able to tell, but I don't really mind being tied up from time to time.
If I had a halo it would be not as bright as others and a little sideways.
If I could get over my fear of heights I'd skydive.
I can never follow patterns because if I screw up, I get really angry.

About the Author

When she was just nine, this girl began her journey for a life on the stage. Attempts were made, classes were taken, lessons were well learned but, at the end of the day, a decision to live life off the stage was made. But all was not lost. While at college she met the love of her life and his support and strength has helped her to see that she has talent waiting around many corners.
When the stage beckons, she answers its call, and her new passion for writing has enhanced many of her theatre dreams and as well as the occasional book, she now occasionally writes a play.
The love of her life generously reads everything she writes and although he may not always be her muse, he is always her biggest fan.

Previous Books

Between the Lines from Breathless Press. Published date: Jan 27/12
Ivy Bateman

Books Coming Soon

Baby, You're Cold Inside from Breathless Press as part of their Naughty Nursery Rhyme Line. Due out December, 2012

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  1. Awesome interview. You are one cool character, Bryn. I'd definitely join you in an adventure if I could.

    Kudos to your author, Ivy. She's got creativity in spades. :)

    1. *blush* Thanks Mary! and Bryn appreciates your compliments. :)

  2. Thanks very much for having Bryn and I on today Kayelle! You've got a fantastic blog!

    1. Thank you, Ivy. Glad to have the two of you!


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